What's International Polish Language Course?

It's a personal, 1 to 1 on-line language course.

What's tutorial service?

The tutorial service embrace the direct support of a certified language tutor live on-line.You will have your own teacher for Polish Language Course.

 What do I need to get started?

All you need is:

What will I learn in the lessons?

Each lesson is custom-made to your needs.

What do you provide for free is this course?

You'll have one Free Trial Lesson additionally we are giving the Polish Textbook GRATIS.

Am I required to take a particular number of lessons every month?

We suggest that you just take one lesson per week or a minimum two lessons per month. However, we do provide you with the flexibility of learning at your own pace, thus it's fully up to you how many lessons you'd wish to take every month.

Am I able to change the day, time, or length of my lesson?

Yes, you'll change the details of your lessons anytime. Please contact your teacher and advise her of your changes. Make sure that you just provide them a minimum of a 6-hour notice before the lesson you wish changed to confirm communicated to all parties.

What's your cancellation policy?

With our standard booking program, there's absolutely no long-term commitment. We've a straightforward "no-hassle" cancellation policy. You'll cancel your next month's lessons by giving us a notice before the end of the current month. Lessons are bought on plans. No refunds are given for lessons already bought but you'll use any unused lessons for up to twelve weeks when your last scheduled lesson.

What if I will to be away for some of my lessons? Will I still be charged?

At I.A.L.C group you've got very flexible booking choices, thus you're only charged for the lessons you're taking every month. If you intend on going on vacation, you'll simply add the dates you're unavailable to your vacation calendar, and we won't schedule lessons. That way you're fully control over how many lessons you're taking every month.

Am I able to receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes! you'll request a proficiency certificate if you enroll in Polish Course, register for the tutorial service, and pass the language test. Once you have successfully completed the course, the certificate are ready by your language tutor and sent to your address.

If you have other questions please feel free to contact us.